Apple's $1 billion Austin campus is the latest big investment from top tier firms: Texas governor
"Texas is the Alabama when it comes to recruiting in college football. We get to pick the 5-star recruit companies that are coming to the Lone Star State," Abbott says.
Johnson & Johnson sell-off is 'excessive' in light of asbestos report, says Wells Fargo
The plunge in Johnson & Johnson's stock price following a report suggesting the company knew about asbestos in its baby powder is overdone and "excessive," Wells Fargo said Friday.
Bank analyst rips Robinhood's new savings account plan, says regulators may get involved
UBS says Robinhood's new accounts with an eye-popping interest rate are "skirting very close to actual banking and therefore could draw regulatory scrutiny."
This is the most volatile year on record, and one strategist sees wild moves sticking around
The market is ending a wild 2018 with an even wilder December. The options market is warning that these wild swings could stick around.
This transport stock had a wild week after a short-seller attack, guidance cut and then a buyback
Shares of the transportation company lost nearly a quarter of their value on Thursday after a negative report by a short-seller, but they are on the rebound Friday after the company said it would buy back $1 billion.
Robinhood debate highlights the difference between FDIC and SIPC protection
While accounts that promise as much as 3 percent interest might catch your eye, you need to be careful about how your money is protected.
Trump administration says it will cancel $150 million in student debt, affecting 15,000 people
Some 15,000 former students, whose schools closed while they were in attendance, will now have their debt erased.  
Robinhood didn't give key industry watchdog a heads-up about the launch of its free checking account
SIPC President and CEO Stephen Harbeck tells CNBC he has serious concerns about the plan, and contacted the Securities and Exchange Commission's trading and markets division about it.
The last time the S&P did this, stocks soared nearly 20 percent in the next 12 months
Stocks are at their cheapest since March 2016, a period that kicked off a nearly 20 percent rally over the following 12 months.
This town will help you pay off your student debt
Newburgh Heights, Ohio, has an offer for college graduates with student debt. 
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