EA's Apex is crushing Fortnite. Here's what that means for video game stocks
The runaway success of Electronic Arts' Apex is reflected in its outperformance. Five experts weigh in on what this means for EA and the rest of the space.
Tesla shares fall after Consumer Reports says it will no longer recommend Model 3
A new report, based in part on the reviews of thousands of vehicle owners, raises questions about the reliability of Tesla's Model 3.
US crude oil exports hit a record last week at 3.6 million barrels a day
The United States exported a record amount of crude oil last week, as output from the nation's shale fields continues to surge.
Bank analyst Dick Bove says sell Goldman Sachs: 'Legal issues are just beginning'
Longtime bank analyst Dick Bove warned that Goldman Sachs's recent troubles in Malaysia are "just the beginning" of its legal woes.
The best-performing hedge funds are buying Yelp, Adobe and these other stocks
Adobe, Yelp, Wayfair and JD.com are among the new positions the top-performing hedge funds added in the December quarter.
Apple and Goldman employees will be the first users of a new iPhone-linked credit card
For both companies, the card represents a step into new territory. Apple is seeking to combat slowing sales of its iconic hardware, while Goldman wants to expand further into the realm of consumer finance.
Fears of Amazon appear overblown as companies that fretted competition went on to beat market
The majority of S&P 500 companies that were concerned about the Jeff Bezos-led e-commerce giant in late 2017 are beating the broader market.
Fintechs help boost US personal loan surge to a record $138 billion
Fintech companies now make up 38 percent of the personal loan market — up from just 5 percent five years ago, according to new data from TransUnion.
Domino's shares skid 9% after same-store sales growth disappoints
Domino's shares sink after the pizza chain disappointed investors with weaker-than-expected earnings and revenue.
Goldman Sachs: Samsung's new foldable phone is a problem for Apple this year
Samsung's new foldable phone represents a "potential challenge" for Apple, Goldman Sachs warns.
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