Jo Cox's sister: Family will support widower Brendan
The sister of murdered MP Jo Cox has said the family will support widower Brendan amid accusations of sexual harassment.
'Cut student interest rates' say MPs
Ahead of a review of university fees in England, MPs call for lower interest charges and a return to grants.
'Everything depends on the UK red lines'
The European Parliament's Brexit negotiator says talks are dependent on the red lines set down by the government.
Rent-a-church spire plan to boost mobile phone coverage
The government invites churches to let their spires be rented to improve the UK's mobile coverage.
World Vision denies staff exploited Haiti victims
Government-funded charity World Vision has denied allegations its staff sexually exploited Haiti earthquake survivors.
MPs want Brexit fund for UK farmers
The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has criticised the lack of clarity for farmers post-Brexit
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