Theresa May condemns Trump's 'go back' remark to congresswomen
The outgoing PM calls attack directed at Democratic congresswomen of colour "completely unacceptable".
Labour peers call for investigation into anti-Semitism claims
It comes as party staff demand an apology from Jeremy Corbyn on Labour's response to Panorama programme.
Brexit: No-deal battle could be decided by Supreme Court says Letwin
Oliver Letwin says it is not clear if MPs can stop a no-deal Brexit - but the Supreme Court might.
Tory leadership: Johnson and Hunt in final head-to-head debate of campaign
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will face questions from Sun newspaper readers as race enters last week.
Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable on MP defections
After press reports of two Tory MPs defecting to the Lib Dems, Sir Vince Cable says the real "measure of success is whether the voters defect".
Senior Labour figures call for Corbyn to apologise to whistleblowers
Jeremy Corbyn is facing a revolt from senior Labour figures calling on him to apologise for the party's response to an investigation into its antisemitism problem.
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