Brexit: Theresa May urges Tory MPs to unite and back deal
Theresa May tells Conservatives "history will judge us all" over the handling of Britain's EU exit.
Trump: Britain should take back Islamic State fighters
Donald Trump has called on Britain and other European allies to take back more than 800 Islamic State fighters captured in Syria and put them on trial.
'History will judge us': May pleads with Tory MPs to unite on Brexit
Theresa May has pleaded with Tory MPs to unite and deliver on Brexit, warning that "history will judge us all" as she prepares for fresh EU talks.
Chancellor Philip Hammond's visit to China not going ahead
It comes amid reports a speech by the UK's defence secretary has caused upset in China.
'Most powerful woman of her age' deserves a better hearing
Marcia Williams was a trailblazer and one the most influential woman in post-war British political history - even if many people have never heard of her. 
Labour MP Paula Sherriff criticises CPS over non-prosecution
The CPS said no prosecution could be brought because the "evidential test" had not been met.
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