How British is a Mini?
When it comes to symbols of British manufacturing, it doesn't get more iconic than this - but how British is the Mini?
EU tariffs on US goods come into force
The European Union has gone ahead with retaliatory duties against $2.8bn worth of US-made products.
Greece hails 'historic' debt relief deal
The eurozone agrees a long-awaited deal, which pushes back the repayment schedule for Greece's debt.
How to shop in Birmingham's plastic-free supermarket
Reusable bags, bottles and containers are the key to success for these buyers in Birmingham.
What are tariffs and how do they affect us?
As a trade war becomes an increasing risk, how do governments use tariffs in international commerce?
US banks pass financial stress tests
The Federal Reserve says US banks have the money to handle a recession, despite rising credit card debt.
Hammond: Treasury not the 'enemy of Brexit'
Chancellor tells City the UK needs to protect patterns of trade with EU "built up over decades".
The true cost of a dream Ugandan wedding
The desire for the perfect day has led to a boom in Uganda’s wedding industry - but these events come at a cost.
UK government borrowing falls more than expected
Public sector borrowing fell to £5bn in May, down £2bn from a year earlier, official figures show.
Heineken's Amstel and Smiths beer hit by CO₂ supply shortage
Carbon dioxide supply problems could leave fans toasting the World Cup feeling flat.
Are we in for a beer shortage this summer?
Why beer, fizzy drinks and meat could be in short supply this summer in the UK.
EU to launch counter-tariffs against US on Friday
The move comes after President Donald Trump imposed steep duties on steel and aluminium in May.
Siemens UK boss says no-deal Brexit does not look good
Juergen Maier says planning for Brexit is hard because the firm does not know what it is planning for.
'Disastrous' copyright bill vote approved
Critics call it a "dark day" as an EU committee adopts two controversial changes to copyright law.
The personal stylists helping out-of-work women
Smart Works charity offers styling and interview coaching for women who are struggling to find work.
UK economy faces weakest growth since 2009, employers warn
The British Chambers of Commerce says that the UK economy could see its weakest year since 2009.
Chinese media mock Trump over tariffs
The US plans to impose tariffs on Chinese goods draw mocking criticism from the state news agency.
China vows fast response to US tariffs
China will respond quickly to protect itself if the US hurts its interests, Beijing says.
Bikes and bourbon
As the European Union plans to introduce retaliatory tariffs against the US, we take a closer look at its tactics.
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