Girl DJs - the next generation
After 16 years experience of DJing at some of the best club nights in the UK, veteran DJ Miss Melodie is training the next female DJ generation.
Sri Lanka appeals to Russia to lift temporary tea ban
Moscow suspended Ceylon tea imports after an insect was found in one of Sri Lanka's tea consignments.
IMAX boss: Don't sell new technology too hard
IMAX's Richard Gelfond says firms shouldn't try and change the world with new technology, but make it fit the market.
IPPR proposes creation of ‘shared market’ for UK and EU
The IPPR proposes a post-Brexit trade deal based on the UK and the EU sharing each other's markets.
Cash controversy: The High Streets with too many ATMs
The cash machine industry and the network are at loggerheads over closure plans.
Treasury wants to regulate virtual currency Bitcoin
Some MPs believe the government should help bring digital currencies into the mainstream, and say this could have advantages for public services.
Digitally preserving Africa's artefacts
The National Museum of Kenya has started a new programme to digitally preserve African artefacts.
Minimum price 'would increase cost of 70% of alcohol'
There will be sharp increase in the cost of alcohol if a minimum price is introduced, say researchers.
Japan expands unilateral sanctions against North Korea
Nearly 20 entities have been targeted as Japan widens its blacklist of companies trading with Pyongyang.
How public relations became a million dollar idea
The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how public relations became a million dollar idea.
Scottish income tax changes unveiled
Higher and middle earners will pay more than elsewhere in the UK, but lower earners will pay less.
Disney-Fox: Five things it could mean
The BBC's Andrew Neil has five things the $52.4bn (£39bn) tie-up could mean.
Eurozone economy to grow at faster rate, says central bank
The European Central Bank expects GDP to rise further but inflation will stay below target.
Bank sees boost from Brexit progress
The Bank of England says progress in Brexit talks is likely to boost household and business confidence.
Black Friday lifts UK retail sales in November
Deals on electrical household appliances boosted sales in November, official figures suggest.
China's central bank raises interest rates after Fed rise
Beijing is trying to stop money from moving out of the country in search of stronger returns.
Republican lawmakers say historic tax deal is agreed
Republicans reportedly say they have agreed the biggest overhaul of the country's tax system in 30 years.
US Federal Reserve raises interest rates again
The US central bank has moved to increase interest rates for the third time this year.
Wage squeeze continues for British households
Earnings grew by 2.3% in the three months to October, lagging inflation for a seventh month.
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