Rugby World Cup 2019: England name team for opening match v Tonga
England name their team for their opening World Cup match against Tonga in Sapporo on Sunday.
The man who stopped a mega-dam and saved Borneo's rainforest
Peter Kallang has been awarded a top environmental prize for leading a successful campaign to stop a mega-dam being built in Borneo's rainforest.
Australian brothers guilty of IS plane bomb plot
The pair tried to blow up an Eithad flight with a bomb hidden inside a meat grinder, a court finds.
Muslim men blame racial profiling for flight cancellation
American Airlines say they stopped the flight over "concerns raised by a crew member and a passenger".
Climate change: Arctic expedition to drift in sea-ice for a year
Germany will embed its Polarstern research ship in sea-ice for a year-long study of the climate.
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