Russia calls on IAAF to lift doping ban
The Russia Athletic Federation calls on governing body the IAAF to lift its ban on its athletes and has launched a legal challenge to overturn it.
Ryder Cup 2018: Silly to focus on Tiger Woods - Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy says it would be "silly" for Europe's Ryder Cup team to focus on one player when it comes to the threat posed by American Tiger Woods.
Aadhaar: India top court upholds world's largest biometric scheme
The Supreme Court declares the world's largest biometric scheme constitutional but limits its scope.
Bill Cosby sentenced to state prison for sexual assault
He was once "America's Dad" but now comedian Bill Cosby is starting a jail term for sexual assault.
Japan woman arrested for leaving baby's body in locker
Japan police found the decaying body of an infant wrapped up in a plastic bag at a Tokyo station.
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