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Experian Site Can Give Anyone Your Credit Freeze PIN

Published on 21st September, 2017, 4:06 PM

An alert reader recently pointed my attention to a free online service offered big-three credit bureau Experian that allows anyone to request the personal identification number (PIN) needed to unlock a consumer credit file that was previously frozen at Experian.

Equifax Breach: Setting the Record Straight

Published on 21st September, 2017, 4:35 AM

Bloomberg published a story this week citing three unnamed sources who told the publication that Equifax experienced a breach earlier this year which predated the intrusion that the big-three credit bureau announced on Sept. 7. To be clear, this earlier breach at Equifax is not a new finding and has been a matter of public record for months. Furthermore, it was first reported on this Web site in May 2017.

Equifax Hackers Stole 200k Credit Card Accounts in One Fell Swoop

Published on 14th September, 2017, 7:03 PM

Visa and MasterCard are sending confidential alerts to financial institutions across the United States this week, warning them about more than 200,000 credit cards that were stolen in the epic data breach announced last week at big-three credit bureau Equifax. At first glance, the private notices obtained by KrebsOnSecurity appear to suggest that hackers were first able to steal credit card numbers from Equifax starting in November 2016. But Equifax says the accounts were all stolen at the same time -- when hackers accessed the company's systems in mid-May 2017.

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